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Employee Monitoring with Time Tracking Software

Monitor, track, record and evaluate employees work hours from anywhere, anytime.

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Employee monitoring and Time tracking software

Fully customizable employee monitoring & time tracking software packed with the features you need.

TrackmyTime Key features at a glance


Work Hours Tracker

Track the time spent on tasks and activities, total no.of hours worked and breaks of each employee.


Real-time Screenshots

Automatically captures screenshots of employees screen to get an instant preview of their activities.


Keystroke & Mouse click logging

Track, capture, record and log the keyboard & mouse click activities of an employees.


Live Screen recording

Record the activities of employees during the work hours by live recording the screen.


Idle Time Detection

Automatically detects & logs the idle time of employees if no activities are performed for a while.


Offline Monitoring & Tracking

Monitor and track the employees work time even with or without internet connection.

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Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking, Simplified

TrackmyTime is an all-in-one solution for monitoring the productive hours of employees (Work from home, in-office and remote) by tracking every aspect of employee activities to a meticulous degree of detail with an eye towards improving employee productivity and efficiency. Besides that, it accurately tracks the time spent on individual projects and tasks using a time tracker app, which works across all the Platforms - Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Employee productivity monitoring software

Why choose TrackmyTime for monitoring & tracking employees work hours?

The following are some of the benefits of having both Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Functionalities in One Software-TrackmyTime

  • Improvement in employee focus.
  • Maximize the employees productivity.
  • Accurately track and record the time employees spent on each projects and tasks.
  • Monitor all employees activities by taking random screenshots and live screen recording.
  • Improve the focus of employees through a friendly remainder alert if there is no keyboard or mouse activity and automatically records that time as idle.
  • Employees can analyze their productivity by themselves in real time to make sure they are prioritizing the right things.
  • Delegate the tasks better by identifying the high-performers and laggards.
  • Work progress will be monitored and recorded even in the offline.
  • Role-based access controls to share and collaborate without putting the security of your data at stake.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of what the remote teams/employees is working on and how effectively using their work time.
  • Measure Individual employees /teams project wise Profitability.
  • Monitor overall employee productivity as an individual and team by day,week or month through insightful reports.

With TrackmyTime, Time Tracking is a piece of cake.

See how simple to track time spent on your tasks and projects with TrackmyTime.

TrackmyTime is a web-based time tracker to tracks the employees work hours across projects and tasks accurately and effortlessly. Everything is tracked down to the second. Our Time Tracking app is incredibly easy to install on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Login to your account

Enter your login credentials in our lightweight desktop time tracker app to view the tasks assigned to you.

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Work Time Tracker

Tap on the Play button to Start/Stop the timer to record the time working on your tasks/project & timesheet will be automatically generated.

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Time Tracker with Screenshots & Recordings

Once the timer is running, it automatically takes live screenshots and screen recordings at a fixed time intervals for the project & tasks working on.

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You are just a click away to track your work hours without any hassle.

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TrackmyTime suitable for businesses of all sizes

TrackmyTime is for anyone who greatly values their time and wants to maximize their productivity.

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If your business is not listed, no problem. We can customize the TrackmyTime tailored to meet your business needs.

Enterprise grade Security and Privacy

With TrackmyTime, your data is always secure.

Once all the data starts getting collected, how’s it processed and secured?

When it comes to security, TrackmyTime take extensive measures to store all information securely – including screen captures & activity recordings are encrypted before being sent to the data center to ensure that your data is kept safe with the highest level of security. Whatever industry you’re in, rest assured your data stays confidential and secure against unauthorized access.

Employee data secure

When it comes to privacy, TrackmyTime doesn’t have access to any of your sensitive information and it won’t track anything on the computer while a user is on recess or hasn’t started the timer or the computer is in sleep mode.TrackmyTime is a non-intrusive monitoring solution and only works during work hours, if an employee decides to start time tracking.

Employee data privacy

If you want a product tour, you can simply schedule a demo session with our experts at your convenient day & time.