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Monitor & Record Employee Activities During Work Hours.

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Remote Employee Monitoring

Improve employees productivity & efficiency with TrackmyTime.

How do I ensure whether employees are actually working on the tasks or slacking off?

  With the help of Employee Monitoring Software, you can remotely monitoring the employees work activities that will let you know how employees use their time while at work, and what they are really doing during the work hours to ensure that they’re doing the job you hired them to do.
  If employees are aware of their activities are being monitored, employees can plan their time more effectively and reduces distractions during work, which makes them to complete tasks ahead of time with utmost perfection.

Why TrackmyTime for monitoring employee productivity?

  Remotely monitoring your employees activity facilitates you to accurately track the employees productivity as well as easily identify the high performers, bone idle, overloaded employees, and avoid false overtimes claims. So, you’ll have a clear record of everything your employees did during work time to make sure they spend their time on the right tasks that they are paid for and employees also have a concrete proof of evidence for their work.
  Using a remote employee monitoring software like TrackmyTime is the best option for anyone- who values simplicity and wants to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

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See how TrackmyTime improves Employee Productivity.

Remote employee monitoring with time tracking software

  Your Search for the best Employee Monitoring Software over here! By using our employee-friendly, non-intrusive employee monitoring software-TrackmyTime, you can keep tabs on employee activities to figure out exactly what employees are actually doing during the work time, where the time is being spent and what tasks are taking the longest and how long they've been productive.




Team Efficiency


Unproductive time down to zero


Hand-Picked Features to make employees stay productivity during work time.

  It’s impossible to monitor employees every minute of the day behind their back. But with the employee activity tracking and monitoring software like TrackmyTime, you can effortlessly monitor almost 100% of employees activities in real-time to make sure that they are working efficiently and determine the reason behind the productivity dropped.

emojiKeystroke & Mouse Clicks logging

Track, capture, record & log the activity level of employees for projects & tasks to know how engaged employees are during the work hours. Track engagement of the employees by measuring keyboard strokes and mouse click activity, which is invisible to the employee which means this action will be performed in the background. Mapping keystrokes with video recordings helps you to determine employee behavior more accurately and identify what they've done during the particular time.

Keystroke and mouse click logging

emojiReal-Time Screenshots

Automatically capture screenshots of employee desktops at a certain intervals with TrackmyTime remote screen capture feature to get an accurate picture of how the employees are using their work time and ensure they are working on the tasks that they are supposed to be doing. With real-time screen monitoring along with Timestamped data can help you find out how employees handled sensitive data and identify what they were doing at a particular time.

Screenshot capture

emojiLive Screen Recording

Take Employee Monitoring to the Next Level by live recording the computer screens of employees on a specific intervals at work, which runs in the background & record the employee activities during work hours.You can watch the recordings at any point of time to check whether the remote employees are actively working on the assigned projects or they are slacking off/bone idle.

Live screen recording

emojiIdle Time Detection

Accidentally left a timer running while you doing some private work or talked on the phone?
TrackmyTime will recognize and start recording that time as idle and send a friendly remainder alert if they have gone off the track or the computer stays idle for too long during employee work time. Alerts are sent to an employer/admin if there is no keyboard or mouse activities by the employee in order to get them back on track. Employers don’t need to spend time on continuously monitoring the employees.

Idle Time Monitoring

emojiOffline Employee Monitoring

Online and offline recording of the computer screens of employees that runs unobtrusively in the background. All employee desktop activities will be tracked, screenshots and video recordings will be stored locally when the Internet connection is down or facing intermittent network connectivity issues or offline.
The data will automatically upload to the account when the internet connection is back to a stable state or online. With TrackmyTime, you can monitor employees with or without internet, which ensures employee don’t lose pay for any work they have done.

Employee keystroke and mouse click logging

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