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Track employee time spent on the tasks and projects precisely with TrackmyTime, regardless of their location.

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Time Tracking Software for Employees

Make employees more productive and efficient with TrackmyTime.

If you are searching for an employee time tracking software to understand how employees spend their time and which tasks are the most time-consuming/taking huge chunk of time, and identify the employees productive/unproductive hours, then TrackmyTime is the best time tracking software which helps the employees to work more efficiently and make them more productive during work hours to complete the tasks within the estimated timeframe.

25% Productivity increased due to accurate time tracking.

Average of 51.8 hours/month saved with automated time tracking.

Why choose TrackmyTime to track employee hours?

TrackmyTime: Make Time Tracking Simpler

Are you struggling to keep track of your time across different projects and tasks? Do you want to track where your time is most spent?

By using the best time tracking software like TrackmyTime is the best way to track employee hours and you can accurately estimate the time spent on each project and task along with Screenshots and Live Screen Recording to ensure that work is carried out precisely and effectively.

One who uses TrackmyTime can accomplish the following things:

  • Better Project Management.
  • Stay focus on the task which improves productivity.
  • Complete the Projects ahead of time.
  • Maximize time spent on high-value clients and projects.
  • Minimize idle time / unproductive time.
  • Reduced unproductive time drastically.

Ready to accurately track employee hours with zero effort?


Focus on your work and leave tracking your time to TrackmyTime.

emojiProject Time Tracking

Time tracking on the projects and tasks accurately is no cakewalk. With TrackmyTime, project time tracking is easy. Employees can easily track the hours spent on individual tasks and on the project with our TrackmyTime Desktop Time Tracking app, which is lightweight and user-friendly and works across all platforms - Windows, Mac, and Linux.
All you need to do is just turn on the timer on the respective tasks/project and it will start tracking time with no distraction to ongoing work and help you to focus on things that matters the most and deliver the work on-time. You can simply apply your work time as billable/non-billable hours from the app itself, which simplifies the payroll process.

Time tracking on tasks and projects

emojiDesktop Time Tracking App

Accurately track the time spent on Projects with TrackmyTime desktop time tracker app. Assign employees to work on projects and tasks by simply click the play button within the time tracking software when they are about to start a task and then pause or stop the timer whenever they’re not working, which makes easier for employees to record the work they are performing along with live screenshots and screen recording.
Our TrackmyTime time tracker app also tracks and analyzes how much time employees spent on each project, which tasks have been completed and which ones are behind the schedule.

Time tracker app

emojiTimesheets-Automatic time logging

TrackmyTime prioritize to focus on finishing the tasks. When the employee starts the timer, their time is automatically recorded for the task they are working on.When the task is complete, the time spent on the task is automatically added as a new timesheet entry. No more lost billing hours due to manual timesheet errors.
There is an option for manual time entry too. You can use the timesheet to pay your employee, or bill your client accurately without any disputes.

Online timesheet

emojiEmployee Productivity Tracking

You won’t know how productive your remote employees or teams are if you can’t monitor their productivity. By using our productivity reports & dashboards which is configurable, you can slice and dice your various productivity metrics, track no. of hours spent productively on projects/tasks of each employee and their idle time, and view the productivity overall, which gives you an full picture of how your employees are productive throughout the working period and how it impacts your revenue. At the end of the day, you can use this information to ramp up the employees productivity.
You can share the detailed & insightful timesheet & productivity reports in the form of PDF to your clients with your brand.

Employee productivity tracking report

Smart & Simple Time Tracking Software for Everyone

The only time tracking solution you need is TrackmyTime, which maximizes employee productivity by tracking and analyzing time spent on tasks, regardless of what industry you are in.

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TIME is MONEY. Never waste a minute on complicated time tracking tools.

With TrackmyTime, keeping track of time doesn’t get easier than this!

A simple and intuitive time tracking application makes it easier for employees to manage their time.