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BigCommerce Integration with Zoho CRM

Create & Sync orders, customers, and products from multiple BigCommerce stores to Zoho CRM.

BigCommerce to Zoho CRM Extension

Our BigCommerce to Zoho CRM extension enables seamless synchronization of customer information, orders, and product details from BigCommerce (e-commerce platform) from multiple stores to the Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, eliminating manual data entry and the risk of errors associated with duplicating information across systems.

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BigCommerce to Zoho CRM Sync

Features Highlights

Benefits of using BigCommerce to Zoho CRM Extension

  1. Automatic Data Sync :The automation of data transfer and synchronization reduces the manual effort required to maintain consistency from BigCommerce to Zoho CRM. This ensures that customer information, order, payment and other relevant data are consistently updated in both systems. This not only reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur when information is entered manually but also saves time for your team, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.
  2. Real-Time Order Synchronization : One of the standout features of our extension is the real-time synchronization of orders. The moment a customer completes a purchase on your BigCommerce store, the information is instantly reflected in your Zoho CRM. This allows your sales and support teams to access quickly and act on customer orders, as well as provide better customer service by tracking order details in real-time from Zoho CRM to provide customers with more accurate and timely updates.
  3. Automated Task Creation for CRM Orders : Our extension will automatically create a task in Zoho CRM for paid orders in BigCommerce if this option is enabled by the end user. This ensures all orders are managed quickly and efficiently by your salesperson. Furthermore, the tasks created in Zoho CRM include the necessary details for the order if customer added the those details.
  4. Improved Customer Service : Quick access to customers’ order information within Zoho CRM enables customer support teams to provide more personalized assistance, improves response times and enhances the overall customer support experience.

See how BigCommerce to Zoho CRM Integration Works

The integration between BigCommerce and Zoho CRM must be authenticated and authorized. This involves configuring the necessary settings and permissions to allow data transfer from BigCommerce to Zoho CRM. This step ensures that both platforms can securely communicate with each other

BigCommerce Order to Zoho CRM SalesOrder

BigCommerce Order to Zoho CRM SalesOrder

Whenever a new order is created in BigCommerce, our extension fetch the order details(order items, quantities, prices,payment method, etc ) and its relevant customer information (name, email, shipping address, etc.), product, and any applicable discounts or taxes and sync the details with the newly created Sales Order in Zoho CRM.

When Zoho CRM receives order details from BigCommerce, our extension will create a new Sales Order. Incomplete orders also get created in the Sales Order if this option is enabled by the end user.

BigCommerce Customer to Zoho CRM Contact

A new “Contact” is created for new customers (registered or guest) in Zoho CRM who make purchases at your online store and the corresponding customer details also get updated in Zoho CRM.

BigCommerce Customer to Zoho CRM Contact
BigCommerce Products to Zoho CRM Products

BigCommerce Products to Zoho CRM Products

For every BigCommerce order, corresponding products are added to the Zoho CRM Products module. This data includes information such as product names, descriptions, prices, SKUs, and any other relevant details.

If there are new products in BigCommerce that are not yet available in Zoho CRM, the sync process will automatically create a new records in the "Products" module during order sync.

If the product data already exists in Zoho CRM, then the sync process will update the existing records with the latest information from BigCommerce. This ensures data is consistently maintained.

View Payment and Shipping information for BigCommerce orders in Zoho CRM

You can get a quick overview of the status of paid orders status (Incomplete, Pending Shipped, Partially Shipped, Refunded, Cancelled, Awaiting PickUp, Awaiting Shipment, etc), shipment details ( Tracking number, Shipment Date), and payment method (Credit card, PayPal, or other Online Payment Gateway, etc) from Zoho CRM's Sales Order.

As a result, both systems have consistent and up-to-date information, reducing manual data entry efforts.

View Payment and Shipment info from BigCommerce in CRM
Multicurrency support in BigCommerce extension

MultiCurrency Support

Our extension supports multi-currency operations, allows you to seamlessly manage transactions in multiple currencies, which facilitates businesses to manage and track transactions in various currencies within the Zoho CRM platform when connected with BigCommerce, ensuring the smooth processing of multi-currency transactions between BigCommerce and Zoho CRM.

Audit Logs

The Audit Logs capture the data and sync errors logs occurring in the extension, which can be used to identify the cause and take steps to resolve them. The user can filter the logs based on the Store, Module and success/failure type of events. This can be helpful in narrowing down the search for a specific error.

The log module captures the following types of errors:

  • Type of error
  • message
  • Order Sync
  • Store details Sync
  • Task Sync
  • Webhook errors
Audit Logs in Bigcommerce extension

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