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Sync Customers And Order Information From Multiple Shopify Stores To Zoho CRM In Real Time.

Shopify to Zoho CRM Extension

If your business manages and runs multiple Shopify stores, use our Shopify to Zoho CRM extension to centralize customer and sales data. With our extension, you can connect multiple Shopify stores to a single Zoho CRM account, providing you with a unified view of customer and order data, ensures a seamless flow of customer information, order details, and product information from your Shopify to Zoho CRM account. Experience the efficiency of automated data synchronization and focus on growing your business without the burden of manual data entry tasks.

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Unidirectional Sync from Shopify to Zoho CRM

Shopify to Zoho CRM Extension Sync Process

Key Features of Shopify Extension

Benefits of using Shopify to Zoho CRM Extension

  1. Seamless Data Synchronization :Our extension enables seamless synchronization between your Shopify store and Zoho CRM. By automating the synchronization process, customer information, orders, and product details are securely synchronized between the platforms, eliminating manual data entry and minimizing errors.
  2. Centralized Data Management : Our extension allows you to centralize customer and order data from your Shopify store directly into Zoho CRM. Having all the relevant information in one place makes managing and analyzing data easier.
  3. Real-Time Order Synchronization : One of the standout features of our Shopify extension is the real-time synchronization of orders. The moment a customer completes a purchase on your Shopify store, the information is instantly reflected in your Zoho CRM. This synchronization not only saves time but also improves data accuracy, and eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  4. Automated Task Creation in Zoho CRM for Orders : The ability to automate workflows based on order status is available if you want. For example, you can assign tasks to sales representatives automatically, improving efficiency and reducing manual workload.
  5. Improved Customer Service : Access to comprehensive customer data within Zoho CRM enables your customer service team to respond more effectively to inquiries, issues, and requests. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

See how Shopify Zoho Integration Works

The integration between Shopify and Zoho CRM must be authenticated and authorized. To do this, configure the necessary settings and authorizations must be performed to enable data transfer from Shopify to Zoho CRM. This step ensures that both platforms can communicate with each other securely.

Shopify Order to Zoho CRM SalesOrder

Shopify Order to Zoho CRM SalesOrder

When a new order is placed, the extension creates a corresponding sales order in Zoho CRM. The sales order in Zoho CRM is populated with information from the Shopify order, such as the customer's name, shipping address, and order details.

In addition, if an order is shipped on Shopify, our extension will update the corresponding sales order in Zoho CRM to reflect the updated order status.

Shopify Customer to Zoho CRM Contact

The Shopify to Zoho CRM extension automatically creates new customers(registered or guest) in Zoho CRM contacts module for Shopify customers while order creation.The contact in Zoho CRM is populated with information from the Shopify customer, such as the customer's name, email address, and shipping address.

The extension can also be used to update Zoho CRM contacts with Shopify customer information changes. For example, if a customer updates their email address on Shopify, the extension will update the corresponding contact in Zoho CRM to reflect the new information.

Shopify Customer to Zoho CRM Contact
Shopify Products to Zoho CRM Products

Shopify Products to Zoho CRM Products

For every Shopify order, corresponding products are added to the Zoho CRM Products module. The product in Zoho CRM is populated with information from the Shopify product, such as product names, descriptions, prices, SKUs, and any other relevant details.

If there are new products in Shopify that are not yet available in Zoho CRM, the sync process will automatically create new records in the "Products" module during order sync.

If the product data already exists in Zoho CRM, then the sync process will update the existing records with the latest information from Shopify. This ensures data is consistently maintained.

View Payment and Shipping information for Shopify orders in Zoho CRM

You can get a quick overview of the status of paid orders status (Unfulfilled, Partially Fulfilled, Fulfilled etc), shipment details ( Tracking number, Shipment Date), and payment method (Credit card, PayPal, or other Online Payment Gateway, etc) from Zoho CRM's Sales Order.

As a result, both systems have consistent and up-to-date information, reducing manual data entry efforts.

View Payment and Shipment info from Shopify in CRM
Multicurrency support in Shopify extension

MultiCurrency Support

Our extension supports multi-currency operations, which enables you to manage multi-currency transactions seamlessly. This makes it easier for organizations to manage and track multi-currency transactions within the Zoho CRM platform when it is connected to Shopify and ensures smooth processing of multi-currency transactions between Shopify and Zoho CRM.


The Logs capture the data and sync errors logs occurring in the extension, which can be used to identify the cause and take steps to resolve them. The user can filter the logs based on the Store, Module and success/failure type of events. This can be helpful in narrowing down the search for a specific error.

The log module captures the following details:

  • Order ID
  • Added Date
  • Shop Name
  • Scope
  • Status
Logs in Shopify extension

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Shopify Zoho Integration HelpDoc

Curious about setting up and configuring the Shopify extension in your Zoho CRM account? Refer to the help doc for detailed instructions.

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