Digitized and Streamlined Immigration Process using Zoho Creator

The immigration management app digitizes and streamlines the immigration process to make it easier, more efficient, and more secure for immigrants to file their immigration paperwork online and for immigration law firms to handle immigration cases more efficiently and effortlessly.

Immigration Application Process digitized using Zoho Creator

This might sound super obvious that not many people are happy with the immigration process. There are many challenges that immigrants face, but the main one is the immigration paperwork.

You might probably scratching your head, why does the immigration process take so long and why does it not digitized?

Typically, the immigration form filling process is intimidating, time-intensive & complicated for applicants, especially if they are filling out the application form on their own.

When filling up the immigration forms, things are bound to get complicated if the applicant makes a single mistake or does not submit the required proofs and so forth. This can set back approval by months, and it's also possible for their application to get rejected/denied.

In order to tackle this situation, you may reach out to an immigration law firm to consult or seek immigration lawyer help to clarify your doubts, and they will guide you to fill out the immigration forms without any mistakes. However, getting help from attorneys is not an easy feat because the immigration attorney have to deal with numerous clients like you.

This is where our Immigration Management app comes in handy for the attorneys and legal law firms to handle immigration cases efficiently and timely response to immigrants’ request and make the application filling process stress-free for the immigrants. No more struggling with overwhelming paperwork!

In this blog post, I'm going to explain about how our Immigration Management App simplified and digitized the immigration application filling process from manual into a digital process with the help of low-code application development Platform-Zoho Creator which solves the challenges of immigration paperwork and helps the immigrants to complete the immigration application process, which significantly reduces the time taken for applicants to fill out the immigration forms by 50% average!

Without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Transformed immigration processes from paper-based to digital using Zoho Creator

It goes without saying that the immigration process is tedious and time-consuming in most countries because the immigration paperwork is largely paper-based.

Standard Immigration Process
Typical Immigration Process

To streamline the immigration application process, we have built an immigration management app built on top of the Zoho Creator Platform to digitize and manages all the aspects of the immigration process and expedites the immigration process for the applicants by eliminating the need to fill out forms manually by digitizing it, which reduces time spent on paperwork and errors in form submissions, resulting in higher success rates of approval.

Immigration Form Filling Made easier and digitized for Immigrants

It's a general practice for applicants to fill up and submit an extensive no. of forms to government agencies like ( United States Citizenship and Immigration Services- USCIS- which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security(DHS) that administers the country's naturalization and immigration system ) for immigration approval.

As you all know, every immigration form is available online and free to download.

USCIS Immigration Forms
USCIS Immigration Forms

To give you an idea of the immigration filling process, below I have mentioned the real time scenario of how complicated immigration paperwork can be.

Considering a Form N-400 application for Naturalization and the form itself about 20 pages long, specifically the instructions alone take 3 pages, which is deemed to be filled out by the applicant those who need to apply for the U.S. Citizenship.

Some people really find it hard to read and fill the answers in the form by themselves because of the lengthy and incoherent instructions.

Kamala Harris Immigration Meme

This is where our Immigration Management app comes in handy which will transform the lengthy form filling process into Multiple Choice Questions that will help the applicants to complete the immigration forms online in a faster , easier and correct way by collaborating with the immigration attorneys to clarify the doubts and fill up the forms without any mistakes.

Immigration Form Filling Process Digitized using Zoho Creator

No more confusing forms or instructions. Our app walks you through each pages in the form step-by-step and reviews every answer to make sure every question is properly answered, and no questions are skipped, and it also provides a set of personalized instructions to fill out your forms correctly and what documents to include along with an assistance of an immigration attorney, which helps the applicant to properly complete the immigration application process in a jiffy.

USCIS rolls out changes to its many forms on a regular basis. Keeping up with each new edition can be a huge headache.

The best Part? Our app always access the updated version of the government Immigration forms within a few business days of change automatically as per the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) based upon your Immigration case.

Besides that, it also has the capability to upload immigration forms manually and change the language in the form as per your preferred language. Hassle-Free Form Filling.

Immigration Management App

To be noted, our application doesn't only simplify the complexity of the forms, but also helps attorneys or immigration agency to handle more cases in less time — and with even greater accuracy and expedite the immigration form filling process for applicants and eliminate the need for officials to enter the data manually.

Immigration Case Management
Immigrant Questionnaire Filled Status

Once the immigrants completed filling up the forms correctly and submitted the supporting documents and proofs for verification, our app promptly send a notification to the immigration attorney to review those forms and documents you've submitted to make sure they’re in good shape before submitting them to the government.

"Customers who have used our Immigration management app have said that it helped them have peace-of-mind when filling out their immigration forms."

Easily complete complex immigration applications online faster and with accuracy with our Immigration Management App.


Immigration Law Firms & Immigration Attorneys: How does the Immigration Management App benefit them?

The digitization of immigration processes has not only benefited immigrants, but also legal officials. Don’t take our word for it!

We have summarized the different modules available in our Immigration Management app below. This helps you to understand how it will benefit both applicants and immigration firms or legal immigration attorneys.

1. Secured Client Portal- Establish a single point of contact with each client through the easy-to-use and secured client portal, which allows clients to upload/download documents, access files, easily prepare lists of required documents and checklists for them to submit and clients can collaborate with immigration lawyers instantly to clarify the doubts when filling the immigration forms and track the immigration application status, view invoices and settle the amount for the immigration lawyer-all from the client portal which can be accessed from anywhere.

2. Forms based on Immigration Case Type
Input Data Once – Populate Across All Forms and save the relevant immigration form directly to the case file. Green card Renewal/Replacement, H-1B, Family or Partner Visa, etc — whatever immigration case type you take on, our immigration management app saves you and your clients time by automatically generating forms based on the immigration case type. Doing so, it will not only reduce redundant data entry, but it will also increased accuracy in form completion by allowing applicants to complete intake questionnaires when it’s most convenient for them, which enables the immigrants to fill out the forms easily without any hassle. In special cases, attorneys can also create and edit forms from scratch for ease and flexibility.

3. Custom Case Questionnaires - Through our Immigration case management app, attorneys can send personalized questionnaires to their clients and automated this information collection process too. The questionnaires allow lawyers to select the specific questions to ask on a case-by-case basis, so clients only have to provide information that is truly needed. You can even combine any number of immigration forms into a single intake questionnaire for your client to complete, which tremendously saves attorney time and effort needed to gather pertinent client information.

4. Visa Status Tracking
-->Ability to see which clients are eligible to file based on the recent visa bulletin.
-->Easily track the visa status within the system.
-->Real-time notifications updated at each stage of the process.

5. Inbuilt Time Tracker- Keep track of the time you and your team spend on a case and set an hourly rate for your consultation/services. Our immigration management app using TrackmyTime to automatically captures the time spent on the cases and with the clients and logs that time into invoices. So you’re always accurately recording billable and non-billable hours and invoice your clients accurately.

6. Document Management- Eliminate paper files and paper storage costs and doesn't have to sift through the piles of filing or boxes to search for the clients' documents. Store all your clients' personal documents(certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, educational qualifications and passports,etc) within the client portal for faster access, easier file management and secure file sharing to ensure that data is being handled with the utmost care. All client documents are digital and securely stored with case files for as long as you need them.No more lost files or missing important documents. You can also cross-check the essential case- related documents with our built-in checklist.

7. Appointment Scheduling- Update your availability in your calendar for your clients to book an appointment with you by making your calendar visible to your clients within the portal. And with a dedicated booking form, it enables clients to set up appointments at short notice quickly, if needed.Best of all, you can collect payment(Partial or full payment) from the customer before the appointment to avoid no-shows.

8. Immigration Case Management & Tracking- Every immigration case is different and so are the case requirements. Store and manage all your case files in a centralized place where each case file contains all your clients' information, such as their profile, employment, family, and residence history. Keeping immigration case data of your clients in one place reduces the chance of data redundancy, takes control over your cases and track cases –from case creation to completion to stay updated at every step of the process and notify the case members of any missing data/ documents via email and receive real-time case status updates throughout the process.

9. Electronic Signature- You can send important forms and agreements to the applicants for eSign them in minutes rather than hours with inbuilt e-signature tool (Zoho Sign) which are compliant with the most current e-signature laws- ESIGN and eIDAS, and uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to provide the highest levels of security for digitally signing and verifying documents. You can also define the signing orders when sending the documents to multiple recipients and set automated reminders to remind clients/applicants to make sure documents are getting signed on time and get instant alerts and notifications on the document status.Documents electronically signed are automatically saved to the appropriate contact,saving your time and effort.

10. Invoice & Billing- Quickly generate an invoice with all billable time entries with your law firm's logo and charge clients hourly or based on flat fees or alternative billing arrangement such as retainers, sliding-scale fees, flat fees, contingency fees, or subscription services and send bills electronically via our secure client portal and and get paid faster.

11. Inbuilt Chat and Email Support- Give your applicants/clients a faster and convenient way to reach you at the exact moment that they have questions or issues they can't solve, which helps you to build rapport and establish a friendly relationship with them.

Benefits of using Immigration Management App

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Wrapping Up

Whether you're an immigrant, sole practitioner, or well-established law firm with hundreds of attorneys, I hope this article helped you to have a better understanding of how our Immigration Management app has digitized and streamlined the immigration process with the help of Zoho Creator and how it benefits immigration legal firms and legal immigration attorneys.

If you are still struggling with Immigration paperwork, then it’s time to use our Immigration Management app to streamline and automate the entire immigration application process, from filling out the application to providing the supporting documents for verification, that makes the process of filling out immigration paperwork easier for the applicant which significantly reduced the time taken by applicants to fill out the immigration forms by 50% on average!

If you'd like a personalized walk-through of our Immigration Management app, feel free to book a demo call and we'll be happy to show you how it works.

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