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Zoho Inventory BigCommerce Integration

Synchronize your customers, orders, and products effortlessly between multiple BigCommerce stores and Zoho Inventory.

With our BigCommerce for Zoho Inventory extension, your sales team gains instant access to critical order, product, payment, and shipment details from multiple BigCommerce stores directly within Zoho Inventory.No more scrambling for information or entering data manually! Your team can view and track order details, product information, payment statuses, and shipment tracking – all in one centralized location (Zoho Inventory).

Having all your customer and order data consolidated in Zoho Inventory empowers your support team to provide faster and more accurate assistance to your customers.

Our BigCommerce Integration for Zoho Inventory automates data synchronization, saving you countless hours. This frees your team from repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your ecommerce business.

Key Features

  • Connect and synchronize customers and their order information from multiple BigCommerce stores to Zoho Inventory.
  • Sync your BigCommerce products with corresponding items (Standalone items) in Zoho Inventory.
  • Automatically create contacts, sales orders, and items in Zoho Inventory for each BigCommerce order.
  • Effortlessly manage transactions in multiple currencies for global sales.
  • Get Complete visibility of your Orders synced from multiple BigCommerce stores within Zoho Inventory (Custom dashboard).

Uni-directional Synchronization- BigCommerce to Zoho Inventory

Our extension supports the following synchronizations:

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See how Zoho Inventory BigCommerce Integration Works

The integration between BigCommerce and Zoho Inventory must be authenticated and authorized by configuring the necessary settings to enable data transfer from BigCommerce to Zoho Inventory. This step ensures that both platforms can communicate with each other securely.

BigCommerce Order to Zoho Inventory Order

BigCommerce Orders to Zoho Inventory Sales Orders

Whenever a customer places an order on your BigCommerce store, a corresponding Sales Order is automatically created within Zoho Inventory. This ensures all order details, from customer information to product details flow effortlessly from BigCommerce to Zoho Inventory. Furthermore, our extension automatically sync Zoho Inventory stock levels with every BigCommerce order so that inventory tracking is accurate and up-to-date.

But that's not all! Here's the real time saver: If the BigCommerce orders progress from "Processing" to "Shipped", the corresponding Sales Order in Zoho Inventory is automatically updated with the latest status.

BigCommerce Customer to Zoho CRM Contact

Automatically create Contacts in Zoho Inventory for your BigCommerce customers, regardless of whether they are registered or guests. This means that whenever someone places an order on your BigCommerce store, their information (name, email, address etc.) will be automatically transferred to Zoho Inventory and a new contact record will be created. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, saves you time, and keeps your customer information consistent across both platforms.

Additionally, you can access the customer's past orders from the multiple BigCommerce stores in Zoho Inventory, giving you a complete picture of their buying history.

BigCommerce Customer to Zoho Inventory Contact
BigCommerce Products to Zoho CRM Products

BigCommerce Products to Zoho Inventory Items(Standalone Items)

Whenever an order is received on your BigCommerce store, the corresponding product will be automatically added to Zoho Inventory. Product information such as name, type, quantity, price, etc., will be automatically synced between the two platforms.

Furthermore, any updates you make to a product in BigCommerce, such as price changes or stock level adjustments, will be instantly reflected in the corresponding standalone item within the Zoho Inventory.

We have even provided an option to choose whether to sync from BigCommerce Products to Zoho Inventory Items or vice versa.

View Payment and Shipping information for BigCommerce orders in Zoho Inventory

Using our BigCommerce for Zoho Inventory extension, you can seamlessly view the payment and shipping information for all your BigCommerce orders directly within Zoho Inventory Orders and gain instant visibility into crucial order information, including order status - Unpaid, Processed, or Received, and shipment information, including tracking numbers and shipment dates. This eliminates the need to check BigCommerce for updates constantly.

You can also easily identify the chosen payment method for each order, whether it's a credit card, PayPal, or other online gateway. This empowers your support teams to provide better customer service by quickly addressing payment issues that may arise.

View Payment and Shipment info from BigCommerce in Zoho CRM
Multicurrency support in BigCommerce extension

MultiCurrency Support

Our BigCommerce for Zoho Inventory extension goes beyond borders. It empowers you to manage international sales with ease, thanks to full multi-currency support. This means you can accept payments and manage inventory in various currencies, all within your familiar Zoho Inventory environment connected to BigCommerce. No more currency conversion headaches! Our extension ensures seamless multi-currency transactions, giving you complete confidence to navigate global markets and track everything smoothly from BigCommerce to Zoho Inventory.

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BigCommerce - Zoho Inventory Integration HelpDoc

Need any help with setting up and configuring the BigCommerce extension in your Zoho Inventory account? Refer to the help doc for detailed instructions.

Benefits of using BigCommerce for Zoho Inventory Extension

Integrating BigCommerce, your ecommerce platform, with Zoho Inventory, your inventory management system, offers several benefits:

Overall, integrating BigCommerce with Zoho Inventory can significantly improve your inventory management process, enhance operational efficiency, and provide a better customer experience.

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Integrating BigCommerce and Zoho Inventory has never been easy!

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