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Shopify and Zoho Desk Integration

Gain real-time visibility into Shopify customers' orders, payment, and shipment status within Zoho Desk.

Shopify Extension for Zoho Desk

You can manage customer inquiries and order details from your Shopify store seamlessly with Zoho Desk.That's possible only with our Shopify Extension for Zoho Desk! This extension bridges the gap between your eCommerce store and your helpdesk, allowing you to effortlessly manage customer inquiries and orders within a single platform.

Say goodbye to manual ticket creation! Whenever customers send an email to your support email address in Zoho Desk, a ticket is automatically created, ensuring no customer query goes unnoticed. Our extension allows you to view tickets created from Shopify orders directly within the Tickets and Customers modules in Zoho Desk,

You can instantly view the essential information like order status, shipment data, product details (price, quantity, notes), and payment status - all within Zoho Desk. This eliminates the need to log in to Shopify for every inquiry.This eliminates context switching and empowers your agents to resolve issues swiftly.

For even faster resolution, our Shopify extension allows you to link a specific order directly to a ticket in Zoho Desk. This way, your support agents can prioritize and address customer concerns swiftly. Pinned tickets ensure the most crucial issues are addressed first.

But that's not all – you can empower your support team to initiate a partial or full refund directly from Zoho Desk. This eliminates the need to involve multiple teams and simplifies the refund process for both you and your customers.

Key Features:

  • Automatically create tickets in Zoho Desk when customers send emails to your support address in Zoho Desk.
  • View a list of customer orders directly on the ticket details page and customer record page via Zoho Desk's eWidget.
  • Effortlessly link ticket to specific Shopify order on the ticket and customer record details page for quicker resolution.
  • Empower your support agents to initiate partial or full refunds directly from Zoho Desk, resolving customer concerns swiftly.

See how Shopify and Zoho Desk Integration Works

By integrating Shopify with Zoho Desk, you can streamline your customer support operations, improve agent efficiency, and ultimately, provide exceptional customer experiences.

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Automated Ticket Creation for Customer Issue

Say goodbye to manual ticket creation. With our extension, whenever customers send an email to your support email address in Zoho Desk, a corresponding ticket is automatically generated, ensuring no customer concern goes unnoticed

View Order Information within Ticket and Customer Record Page

Eliminate the need to switch between platforms. Our extension displays a comprehensive list of a customer's Shopify orders directly on their Zoho Desk ticket and customer record page.

Get instant insights into order details, including payment status, shipment information, product pricing, quantities, and even any customer notes – all within Zoho Desk.

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Faster Resolution with Pinned Orders:

Our extension allows you to prioritize specific orders for faster resolution of customer issues. When opening a ticket, a list of the Shopify customers’ orders appears in the eWidget. You can then link the ticket directly to the relevant order, ensuring your support agents have all the necessary context at their fingertips.

Simplified Refund Process

Need to issue a refund for a customer issue? The Shopify for Zoho Desk extension empowers your agents to initiate refunds directly from Zoho Desk. Whether it's a partial or full refund, you have the flexibility to resolve customer issues swiftly and efficiently, leaving them with a positive experience

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Shopify - Zoho Desk Integration HelpDoc

Need any help with setting up and configuring the Shopify extension in your Zoho Desk account? Refer to the help doc for detailed instructions.

Integrating Shopify and Zoho Desk has never been easy!

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