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BigCommerce and Zoho Desk Integration

Provide agents real-time access to BigCommerce customer & order data (including payment & shipping) within Zoho Desk’s Tickets & Customers module for faster resolution of issues.

BigCommerce Extension for Zoho Desk

Worried about delays in helping customers with their orders due to constant switching between BigCommerce and Zoho Desk?

Our BigCommerce Extension for Zoho Desk is the solution you've been looking for.

By using our extension, you can break down information silos between your online store (BigCommerce) and your helpdesk (Zoho Desk) by seamlessly syncing order details from BigCommerce into Zoho Desk's tickets and customer modules, empowering your support agents to deliver faster, more contextual support without the hassle of switching between platforms.

No more back-and-forth communication or manual data entry.With our extension, your support agents can provide faster and more contextual support, exceeding customer expectations with every interaction.

In addition, you can empower your support team to initiate partial or full refunds from the Zoho Desk if they need to. This eliminates the need to involve multiple teams and simplifies the refund process for both you and your customers. This also helps to build trust and loyalty with your customers, as they know they can rely on your support team to resolve any issues they may have.

Key Features

  • Automatically syncs customer order, payment, and shipment data from BigCommerce to Zoho Desk
  • Effortlessly capture customer inquiries as Zoho Desk tickets with our automated email-to-ticket conversion.
  • View a list of customer orders directly on the ticket details page and customer record page via Zoho Desk's eWidget.
  • Support Agents can track the shipment status of orders within Zoho Desk, providing visibility into the delivery process.
  • Empower your support team with instant access to relevant BigCommerce order details directly within Zoho Desk tickets and customer records, accelerating resolution times.
  • Empower your support agents to initiate partial or full refunds directly from Zoho Desk, resolving customer concerns swiftly

Resolve BigCommerce inquiries faster: Connect BigCommerce and Zoho Desk for providing best-in-class support to your customers.

Benefits of using BigCommerce Extension for Zoho Desk

Integrating BigCommerce with Zoho Desk based on syncing customer order, payment, and shipment information into Zoho Desk tickets and customer modules can offer several benefits:

Overall, integrating BigCommerce with Zoho Desk can lead to a more efficient and customer-centric support operation, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

By using the BigCommerce extension for Zoho Desk, you can empower your support agents to resolve customer inquiries faster for BigCommerce orders.

Don’t take our word for it! See it for yourself by installing the extension now.

See how BigCommerce and Zoho Desk Integration Works

Take your customer service to the next level. Zoho Desk and BigCommerce integration equip agents with real-time order details to identify and address customer issues, such as order status, shipping updates, and product availability. This leads to faster resolutions, improved customer satisfaction, and provides superior support in every interaction.

Bigcommerce order listed in Zoho desk Tickets

Automate Ticket Creation for Order Issues in Zoho Desk

For BigCommerce order-related issues, you don't have to create tickets manually on the Zoho desk. Whenever a customer sends an email to your support address regarding an issue related to their order, our extension automatically creates a ticket in the Zoho Desk. Each ticket captures all the crucial customer and order details your agents need, including:

  • Customer Information: Name, email, contact details (if available)

  • Order Details:

    • Order ID (clickable link to access the order details page in BigCommerce)

    • Order Status (e.g., Processing, Shipped)

    • Order Total

    • Shipping Address

    • Billing Address

    • Order Notes (if any)

    By automating the ticket creation process, it saves your agents valuable time, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional customer support rather than administrative tasks.

View BigCommerce order info within Zoho Desk tickets and customer records.

Our BigCommerce extension for Zoho Desk puts your order information right where you need it - within the Zoho Desk Tickets and Customers module. Having real-time order information at their fingertips enables support agents to provide faster and more accurate assistance to customers. They can access details about the customer's purchase, including products, pricing, shipment, and any special instructions or notes. This real-time data empowers your support agents to identify and resolve order-related issues swiftly and efficiently and provides all the context needed for exceptional customer service.

BigCommerce order information viewed in Zoho Desk
Pin BigCommerce oder in Zoho desk Tickets

Get Issues Resolved Quicker with Pinned Orders

Our extension lets you prioritize customer inquiries by linking them directly to specific BigCommerce orders within the ticket or customer record. No more hunting for order details – a complete list of customers' order history is displayed automatically in the eWidget. Support agents can then link the ticket to the relevant order, pinning it for easy reference. This ensures all crucial order details are readily available, empowering your agents to resolve customer issues faster and more efficiently. The result? By eliminating time spent searching for order history, your agents can address customer concerns promptly, resulting in reduced wait times. This in turn builds customer loyalty, as customers feel their issues are being taken seriously and addressed promptly.

Empower Agents to Issue Refunds from Zoho Desk

Our extension streamlines the refund procedure by empowering your agents to initiate refunds (whether partial or full) directly from the Zoho Desk. With all order details readily accessible within Zoho Desk tickets, your agents can swiftly evaluate customer refund requests. They can easily reference the order and communicate efficiently with the customer throughout the process. Instantly evaluating customer refund requests leads to faster resolutions and reduces customer frustration. It also improves agent productivity as they can handle more refund requests in a shorter amount of time, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Initiate BigCommerce Refund Order Amount from Zoho Desk

Bigcommerce - Zoho Desk Integration HelpDoc

Need any help with setting up and configuring the BigCommerce extension in your Zoho Desk account? Refer to the help doc for detailed instructions.

Integrating BigCommerce and Zoho Desk has never been easy!

Our Zoho Integration Expert will help you to set up this BigCommerce extension in your Zoho desk account efficiently. We've got your back.

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Talk to Zoho Expert

Integrating BigCommerce and Zoho Desk has never been easy!

Our Zoho Creator developers will help you to set up this BigCommerce extension in your Zoho Desk account efficiently. We've got your back.