Why do employers use TrackmyTime to monitor employees at work and track their work hours?

Employers are using simple, non-invasive, easy to use employee monitoring software- TrackmyTime to monitor employees at work without invading Employee Privacy, and track employees work hours precisely. You will find more interesting info about TrackmyTime in this blog post.

Employee Monitoring Software
Employee Monitoring Software

The tracking of employee productivity plays a vital role in increasing overall business productivity & growth.

As a business owner/employer, it is important to know about what your employees are doing during their work hours and how effectively using their time. This is only possible if you have monitoring software at your disposal.

When it comes to employee monitoring, employers are using various methods to keep track of employee productivity, using employee monitoring software is one of them.

Remote Employee Monitoring

The use of employee monitoring software can enhance productivity regardless of whether your workforce is remote, in-office or hybrid by allowing you to see not only who is working, but also see how employees spend their time during work hours and identify what impedes their productivity.

Using remote employee monitoring software like TrackmyTime is the best and simplest way to monitor employees at work, and you will also get an insight about how employees spend their time on certain tasks to understand how they're progressing going towards accomplishing the tasks, which in turn will help you to analyze productivity trends across teams and individuals and understand how everyone is getting on with their work.

In this blog post, you are going to learn about:

  • What is TrackmyTime and how to use it to monitor employees at work?
  • How can you use TrackmyTime to ensure remote employees are working productively & efficiently?
  • What Makes TrackmyTime The Best Employee Monitoring Software?

Without any further ado, let's dive in.

What is TrackmyTime and how to use it to monitor employees at work?

Being an employer/business owner, you know that the best way to ensure productivity is to keep an eye on what your employees are doing. There are several types of remote employee monitoring software available today to monitor employee activities without looking over their shoulders.

Think for yourself, what your business requires like does it need maximum security? Or do you wanna track & record certain activities done by the employees on their computers?

There are various factors taken into consideration when choosing the remote employee monitoring software. So, select the employee monitoring solution suitable for your organization's needs.

Monitor and Track employees activities at Work
How to monitor employees activities at work, without invading their privacy

Employee monitoring made simple with TrackmyTime, gives you full control and flexibility over monitoring employees computer activity & tracking the employee work hours, both you and your employees are most comfortable with. So, you can easily monitor your remote or in-office employees' activities, without giving them a feeling of micromanaging, suspicious and uncomfortable at work.

If you're searching for a solution with the essential features for monitoring employees activities and tracking their work hours remotely, then TrackmyTime is the employee monitoring software you are looking for!

Best Employee Monitoring Software

TrackmyTime is an employee monitoring with time tracking software, which is a simple, non-invasive, user-friendly, affordable, secure, compliance with GDPR, and it is completely transparent to the employees, and they control when the monitoring should start and stop.

Take advantage of TrackmyTime features to monitor employees at work & track their productivity:

  • Automated Timesheets Creation
  • Automated Task & Project Time Tracking
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Mouse Clicks count & Movement Tracking
  • Real Time Screen Recording
  • Live Screenshot Capture
  • Idle Time Monitoring
  • Productivity Monitoring (Employees and Teams-wise)
  • Gamification
  • Offline Monitoring & Recording
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • BI Reports

Note: All the features aforementioned are configurable, which means you can enable & disable the features based on your needs.

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See how you can use TrackmyTime to ensure remote employees are working productively & efficiently

By monitoring and analyzing employee behavior, organizations can increase employee productivity and become more profitable.

This poses the question: How to monitor employees' productivity & track their activities if they work remotely, in the office, or hybrid?

With the remote employee monitoring software like TrackmyTime which helps you to keep tabs on your employees' activities remotely and track their work hours across different projects & tasks along with live screen recording and real time screenshots to know how engaged employees are during the workday, and you can ensure that deadlines are hit, and key objectives are met.

Using the time tracking app in TrackmyTime, employers can get insights about whether employees are effectively using their time to do the work that they're assigned for and for how long they are productively working.

Sometimes, employees may deviate from their work even though the time tracker is running. But with the help of TrackmyTime gentle remainder alert feature, it makes your employees focus on work and stay productive during their working hours, which helps them to stay productive during work hours & work efficiently and complete the projects before the estimated timeframe, which ultimately leads to generating more revenue for your business.

Employees work efficiently when they know their activities are being monitored.

If you are a small company or big corporate, it doesn't matter the way you monitor the remote employees/teams. But you should consider monitoring employee activity and tracking their productivity based on what is best for your business, but at the same time respecting employee privacy while monitoring.

What Makes TrackmyTime The Best Employee Monitoring Software?

When you're investing your hard-earned money with us, we believe it only makes sense that you know exactly what you're paying for (and how it'll benefit you).

Here are some of the Top 10 benefits of using TrackmyTime for your company:

  1. Enhances employee productivity and efficiency.
  2. Effective Project Management- Prioritize & Manage the project timelines effectively.
  3. Easily evaluate remote employee performance.
  4. Reduce administrative work when it comes to planning & budgeting.
  5. Automated timesheet generation helps to simplify the payroll process to make sure that every second is counted to bill the client accurately.
  6. Assess the employee's/team performance in real-time to divvy up the work better and easily identify who is really working and bone idle.
  7. Prevent potential data leaks, misuse, and theft by keeping it accessible only to authorized personnel.
  8. Employees can evaluate their own productivity & identify the areas of improvement.
  9. Tracking employee behavior at a granular level to get a complete picture at every level including team, task, and project level.
  10. Intelligent BI reports give you all the information you need to make the right decisions when it comes to improving employee productivity and company profitability.

Companies/business owners should clearly state the monitoring purpose, its benefits, and the goals looking to achieve with employee monitoring software. On the flip side, employees can view "being monitored" as an opportunity to demonstrate their competence and good work to their employers.

Overall, employee monitoring software is beneficial for both employers and employees. Hence, it creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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To Sum it Up:

The efficiency of an organization depends on how productive its employees are, so it's crucial to monitor their productivity.

The more productive your employees are, the better results you will get from them and this can be achieved with the help of the best employee monitoring software like TrackmyTime, which allows you to monitor employees activities from anywhere and accurately track the time spent on projects/tasks and identify how employees using their time, without sneaking up on them and best of all it works seamlessly across multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you’re looking for an employee monitoring & time tracking software in one, then give TrackmyTime a spin!

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